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I’m teaching Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Pranayama for 8 years. Also I’m training yoga therapy and meditation teachers for 5 years. 

My main expertise is Holistic Yoga Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Nervous System Regulation. 

Compassion and joy are at the center of my teachings. To be friend with our bodies, experience a deep relaxation and regulation, empower inner feminity are my lessons’ main outputs. 

I hope to meet with you in The Yoga Club Barcelona for Compassion and Joy!

  • Holistic Yoga Therapy Practice,

  • Meditation,

  • Pranayama,

  • Satsang about nervous system, polyvagal theory and how yoga therapy effects our whole system in a positive and calming way.


A Bollywood Dance experience about being free and relaxed in our bodies, regulate our nervous system and empower inner joy & feminity with dancing.

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